How it works:

For online (Optimized for Phone, Tablet, Computer): Sign up for the course.  Email us a picture of your citation/ticket and driver’s license/government issued I.D. We check eligibility with the court.  Once eligibility is confirmed we activate your course and notify you that you are ready to begin the course.  Once completed, we automatically issue a completion certificate available for download or print and report your completion to the court.  The ticket is dismissed and off your record forever!  Easy!!!

For classroom: Sign up for the course at the time and location that works best for you.  We confirm your eligibility and send a confirmation of your registration.  You bring your citation and driver’s license to the class to check in with the instructor.  Enjoy the course, receive your completion certificate and you're finished.  There are no quizzes or tests. The ticket is dismissed and off your record forever!  Easy!!!

Arizona Supreme Court License #475

How Can We Help You?

Arizona Defensive Driving Course

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Calculate Your Court Cost

  • State Fee: ($24)
  • State Surcharge: ($45)
  • School Fee: ($47)
  • Court Fee:
  • Your Total Cost:

NOTE: A non-refundable Service Fee ($5.00) for Classroom Course.  Local court fee varies by court.

Am I Eligible?

  • Did not attend Arizona traffic school in the last year.
  • The violation must not be for a traffic crash involving serious injury or death
  • Effective 8/31/2019, Commercial Drivers License (CDL) holders are eligible for class if cited driving a non-commercial vehicle.
  • The violation was not received while driving a commercial vehicle.
  • The violation must be for an eligible civil traffic violation
  • Course must be completed 7 days prior to court date or extended court date.

The Benefits

  • Violation dismissed by the court
  • Keep my DMV record clean
  • No points
  • No insurance rate increase
  • No order to attend Traffic Survival School for a red light violation

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